Down and Up // Proverbs 12:25

We all have burdens we carry…those internal battles that few (if any) people know about. Sometimes it can take some extraordinary effort to pull up the corners of the mouth to make a smile when worry weighs us down. It can take startlingly little for waves of anxiety to flood a soul trying to hang on and power through. There is no doubt we need to be kinder and seek to ensure our thoughts, words, and actions are grace-filled. The ruler of this world wants to drag you down, but the King of kings wants to lift you up! to Consider today’s verse where we read that worry weighs down a person but encouragement can bring cheer. Who do you know that can use some cheering up today? Is there a text you can send, hug you can share, and light you can shine for someone whose life feels flooded with life’s troubles? There must be! So, as you engage the world today, look for someone you can share some hope with, knowing that hope is Jesus…none other than the one who overcomes our trouble-causing world.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App