Do You Trust God? // Nahum 1:7

Do you trust God? I mean really trust God? I thought I did until I got to a point in my life when I couldn’t see any way out except faith. I’m talking about external and internal turmoil alike where it appeared there was no way to turn unless I turned with God. I started praying and found solace in in this three step process which I’ve shared before, but must again…

Worry less. Pray more. Trust God with the results.

I wish I could say it paid immediate dividends. Of course there were ways in did, because it revealed area where I lacked trust; it fact, I vividly remember praying one time, “God, I trust you, but not _______.” Immediately it felt as if the prayer connection was lost. Throwing that “but” in there proved I really didn’t trust God, because I behaved as though there was someone else who had more control over the outcome of a situation than the Lord. And even if that might have been true in that one little instance, I lacked the trust to believe that God had my best interest at heart in the long run. Worrying less, praying more, and trusting God with the results has been one of the biggest shifts in my faith life since I first decided to follow Jesus. Yes, it’s that big of a deal.

Do you trust God? I mean really trust God? Do some inner work today and see if there are any ‘big buts’ that are sprinkled in to your relationship with the Lord. Trust Him to deal with them and see what He works out for you. God promised He would, so believe that and behave accordingly.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App