Deep Purpose // Proverbs 20:5

Do you sense a purpose for your life? I hope so. There are times we might feel wayward, but our purpose can help us get back on track. The bottom line is God created every one of us with a purpose for living. That purpose generally aligns with the spiritual gifts God blesses us when we accept Jesus as Lord of our lives; our heart and the passions we feel in life, silly and sacred alike (for me, I love sports, music, super heroes, teaching the Bible, writing devotions, and playing guitar); your abilities or the talents you can use to point people to Jesus; personality (it doesn’t matter if you’re introverted, extroverted, somewhere between the two, or fluctuate across the spectrum); and our experiences in life (good and bad alike — for example, my experience in communicating God’s word and the loss of a child can both be used to help others know God has a purpose for them, too, in the best and worst of times). We generally need help identifying our purpose and find ways to live into it for God’s glory. This is why being part of a church family is so important. God speaks to you through worship, refines your calling through prayer, holds you accountable through fellowship, and deploys you through service. Those activities provide the framework and functionality for you to dive deep into your purpose and draw them out in a way to please the Lord.