Correct & Direct // 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13

Today’s verse is one that encourages me on one hand and challenges me on the other. For starters, the Apostle Paul encouraged people to acknowledge and show appreciation for the spiritual leaders in their midst…the ones who cares for them in the Lord. The next part of the verse is hard for me…and many who serve as vocational Christians. Today’s verse points out those who care should also “admonish” believers. We don’t like admonishment, do we? The word, admonish, is a verb that means to warn, reprimand strongly, and urge earnestly. Our modern culture tells us to live our truth, you do you, and don’t yuck my yum. We don’t like being called out. Like, at all. But, we see there is love in correction and direction when it is given for the sake of peace. Who do you have in your life that you allow to speak truth into you? It should never be done in a way that’s harmful, but life-giving. After all, discipleship is all about coming alongside someone so we can follow Jesus together. There are times we need to be corrected so we can go God’s direction. Let’s ensure when we must take that stance, we take it in the heart of our Lord Jesus.