Condemnation to Salvation // John 3:17

Today’s verse is one of the most hopeful you will read. It comes on the heels of the famous John 3:16 passage where we learn that God loved the world so much He send His one and only Son. The gift of Jesus means that everyone who believes in will have everlasting life. Jesus is the One who uttered those words and then followed it up with the comforting words of John 3:17. Your faith in Christ frees you from condemnation and delivers you into salvation. This is why Jesus came. The Apostle Paul echoed this promise in Romans 8:1 when he wrote that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. This doesn’t mean that the Holy Spirit won’t convict you when you miss God’s mark, but that conviction is not one of condemnation; no, it is to work within your soul so you know you did wrong to spur you onward to get it right. So, accept Jesus’ offer of salvation; seek reconciliation with God and one another; and let’s live together in the eternal hope that we are saved by the gift of God’s grace through our own faith in Jesus. For He is God’s one and only Son, and the Father raised Him from the grave so we all might be raised from condemnation and delivered into salvation.

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Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App