Matthew 6:22

Well, here’s something I never thought the younger Mark would say: I’m excited about my new bifocals. Yeah, bifocals. I needed new glasses to help correct my recent vision issues and it became clear that meant bifocals. I’m learning where the line is in my field of vision, as well as how I need to physically move my head based upon where I’m looking. Doing that enables me to better see things up close as well as those farther away. That got me thinking how true this is for all of us. We need to know where our proverbial blindspots are, as well as how to position ourselves properly. We need the spiritual and physical correction that enables us to navigate our crazy world, managing the things right in front of us, as well as how to make the decisions that impact others…let alone our own futures. So let’s correct how we see the world. Let’s learn about our unique blindspots and how to position ourselves physically to take in the Jesus light that illuminates our darkness and radiates it for others.