Ask and Cast

1 Peter 5:7

Photo Credit YouVersion

My cares. All of them?
Even the ones that are caused by my really bad choices? Even the ones that hurt God?
Yes, even those.
Yes. Those are the ones you need to give over the most!
Because God promised to take our sins away from us as far as the east is from the west. That means infinitely.
Wow! For real?
Yes, for real. And it wasn’t just some one-off offer; Jesus does this for us whenever we ask. And whenever we ask, He is faithful to do it. So ask and cast. Ask and cast.
Ask and cast?
Yes, ask for God’s forgiving help and cast your cares on Him. And the last part is probably the best part.
Which is?
He cares for you. He won’t make you feel guilty, or shame, or bring up history lessons from hell. God cares. For you. Even with everything you get wrong and you’ve done wrong.

Ask and cast. Amen.