Active Waiting // Lamentations 3:25-26

Today’s verse gives us some important insight about what it means to hope in the Lord while we await His return. This is not a passive posture where we sit back and just wait for things to happen. No, as Jeremiah stated, God wants us to seek Him with hope, even in the times we must wait quietly. God wants us to actively engage our faith and make it part of our daily living. That way, the waiting doesn’t feel interminable. If you’ve been to Disney World and noticed how they make the queue lines for their attractions interactive, you get the idea. The Disney Imagineers realized that people are far more willing to wait in long lines if they have something engaging to do. This is how God wants us to live while we wait on Jesus’ return. He doesn’t want us sequestering ourselves, but actively serving Him in the world. Yes, there might be times we must wait quietly, but even then we can pray, study, quietly worship or serve. So, let’s seek the Lord’s goodness, hold on in hope until He returns, and then celebrate the salvation of the Lord!