Abundant Blessings // 2 Corinthians 9:8

You know how every family has some of those stories from a person’s childhood that seems to follow (read, haunt) them the rest of their lives. I have several, but one I’m reflecting over this day after Christmas is based on a comment I made as a little tike after opening presents at my grandparents’ house, spanning floor to ceiling. I looked over the haul and asked, “Is that all?” Ah, the joyful innocence of a child. One of the primary reasons we give gifts at Christmas is because Christmas is a gift in-and-of itself. It is about God’s gift of love and salvation to a lost and wayward people. God’s amazing grace comes to us in ways it could take a lifetime to begin to comprehend while considering all the things we’ve thought, said, or done (as well as the things we didn’t think, say, or do when we should have) that dishonor God. Yet, in His incomprehensible love, we see the truth of today’s verse: God is able to bless you abundantly! We will never be able to fully understand, let alone open, the vastness of God’s abundant love for us in Christ Jesus. So instead of trying today, let’s just sit back and offer a heartfelt thank you. After all, that really is all the Lord wants from us right now — the gratitude for who He is and what He’s done for us all in Jesus!

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App