A Jesus Mindset // Philippians 2:5

Today’s verse is one worthy of pausing and spending some time in reflection. The Apostle Paul taught that we must approach each other with the same mindset of Jesus. Reading on in Philippians 2, we see that Jesus did not cling to His status, He surrendered to God’s plan for salvation, and sacrificed for all. That’s quite a mindset that all too often runs in direct contradiction to the way we tend to think, isn’t it?

Surrender your status.
Serve sacrificially.

Does that describe how you approach your relationships with others? Do you look to improve your status at the expense of another? Are you willing to surrender your desires to God’s plan for you? Will you make sacrifice your precious resources to help others know of God’s love? That’s Jesus’ mindset and God wants it to be yours as well. Will you commit to living with a Jesus mindset today?