A Faith Fueled Rest // Hebrews 4:9

There is a lot to take in as we read Hebrews 4. Our verse for today helps us see that salvation comes by our faith in Jesus through God’s grace. Salvation is not based on good works; in other words, there is nothing anyone can do to earn salvation. When we accept God’s offer in faith, salvation is a free gift and we are then able to rest in God’s goodness. This does not mean we can be lazy…no, not at all! In fact, the good things we do for God and people are in response to the goodness we receive. They energize. They thrill. Working hard to try and earn something that could never be earned is like a rodent on a wheel — you can have a lot of motion and never move. And so it goes with faith. That is why, as the write of Hebrews teaches, there remains a rest from worthless work for God’s people. Now, the work we do, we do it with God and God’s people to make the Lord known.