7-Eleven // Isaiah 40:10

Today is Slurpee Day in honor of the convenience store chain that made them famous — 7-Eleven. The stores got their name simply by stating their hours of operation from 7am until 11pm, seven days a week. This was a novelty in 1946 when stores still relied largely on ice blocks for food storage and preparation. The stores were widely open 24/7 by the 1960s to give people a place to stop no matter the time of day for reliable food and fuel.

I remember a specific time our family was in Florida for a trip to Disney World. We stopped by a 7-Eleven after a long day of theme parking to go to the restroom, get some snacks, and gasoline. For whatever reason, I became enamored by the nachos there. They certainly were not on par with Totopos or Cielo Blue, but they hit the spot! Now, whenever we’re traveling, I’ll occasionally joke that I need some 7-Eleven nachos; especially when we pass one while driving.

I think about how God is always with us and is reliable to the end. This can be helpful when we are in the proverbial dark times in life, the long roads between rest stops, and when we need relief. God promised the Prophet Isaiah that He was always there in power and presence. We need those reminders ourselves from time to time, don’t we? There is glory in knowing that God is there whenever we are weak, tired, weary, and afraid. We can slurp the streams of living water and find hope that we are never alone. This is God’s promise for you. Do you believe it!?