3 Ways to Help Change the World // Micah 6:8

Today’s verse gives us a three-fold approach to living that will bless you if you follow through — seek to always do the right thing in God’s eyes, be kind to others, and stay humble. Our crazy culture is consumed these days with the opposite. It seems we are once again falling victim to the serpent’s temptation of Adam and Eve in the garden, trying to convince us we can be like gods and create our own reality. That approach elevates self and cancels those who disagree. Wow, what a fractured worldview. All is not lost, though! Reality has a way of pulling through, which is why we read in the Bible that a single spark can cause an inferno and the slightest sliver of light can expel the darkness. So, if you’re looking for a place to begin, start with the wisdom from Micah 6:8 — do the right thing, be kind, and stay humble. It will change the world beginning with your own life.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App