20/20 Vision // John 14:26

Have you found that the old saying, “hindsight is 20/20” is true? I sure have! The gist of it is we often cannot understand everything we’ve experienced until we are past it and can look back to reflect. The message the Jesus gave His disciples from today’s verse was a foreshadowing of sorts about how God was going to make spiritual hindsight as 20/20 vision provably true. Jesus taught His followers about the Kingdom of God and exhibited unmatched power through miraculous wonders. As He returned to the Father, and the Holy Spirit came to all who believe in Him as God’s one-and-only Son, they would be able to understand things in light of eternity. The message Jesus gave wasn’t just about what was to come, but also to help put past pieces in their proper perspective. This is still true for you and me as the Holy Spirit holds us in the present, helps us make sense of the past, and gives us a hopeful direction for the future. So, trust in the Holy Spirit. Ask God to give you 20/20 vision for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. God is working on your behalf (hence, the moniker of Advocate) and always will. Let’s use our 20/20 vision to see where God is at work and join Him based on how He’s shown up and shown out in the past.