Welcome to Luke: Jesus for Everyone

Introduction to this Journey

You are invited on a journey this December. Beginning tomorrow, we will go through the Gospel of Luke together daily. We will post links to the chapter that you can read online, but you are encouraged to experience in whichever format you prefer. Be it your own physical copy of the Bible, an audio version, website like BibleGateway.com, an app like YouVersion (which you can access through the Hope Church+ app under the Connect page > Sundays > Bible), etc., find a way to engage God’s Word and let it speak to you during this season. And just so you know, we will explore several different translations, but feel free to enjoy your favorite.

The Book of Luke was written by a physician named Luke, so it is full of unique stories and details about the life of Jesus. Luke begins by stating he carefully investigated the events of Jesus’ life, and wanted to write an orderly account of his, ministry, death, and resurrection. It is technically called a Gospel, because it explicitly tells the “Good News” (the explicit meaning of the word, Gospel) of God through Jesus Christ.

Luke’s Gospel has twenty-four chapters. If we read one chapter a day, we will begin on December 1st, and finish on Christmas Eve. My goal is that we will experience the HOW and WHY of God coming to earth at Christmas. You will what it means to believe in Jesus, find the way to God by accepting His offer of salvation through the forgiveness of sin, and live a new life thanks to this indescribable gift.

Each day we will read through a chapter. You will be given a very brief synopsis as to what you read, and then there will be several questions to help guide your reflection. You are encouraged to share your answers, ask more questions, and engage in a robust dialogue about the lessons contained within. If you get behind, don’t fret, and CERTAINLY don’t quit. Catch up at your convenience. And if you experience any struggles along the way about what a passage means, please feel free to reach out…we are here to help you along the way. These are exciting opportunities to learn and grow together.

As the title for this journey implies, Jesus is for everyone. I want this to be a journey for young and old alike – whether it’s in chronological years or time in (or in and out of) the Christian faith, that is irrelevant. We all will glean something new from the Scripture, and God is sure to bless the endeavor.

So, get ready to start this journey tomorrow with Luke chapter one. I know it will bless me, and I am sure it will be a blessing for you and our entire Hope Church family. And if you know someone outside who would be interested in this excursion, invite them along!

God Bless,
Pastor Mark