Luke Chapter 6: Advent

Luke 6 begins to move the story along in dramatic fashion. We see Jesus challenge conventional wisdom, and in so doing, begin to make enemies of the elite. Jesus then chooses His group of 12 disciples from those who were following Him to this point. After that, we get some of the core teachings of Christ about how our world is upside-down from God’s Kingdom, love for enemies (and remember, Jesus is making His enemies by this point in the Gospel), judging others, the things we produce with the way we live, and the benefit of obedience to living the Jesus way when it seems so contrary to the ways of the world.

As you read, pay special attention to the teachings that you likely have heard previously, but might not knew they came from Jesus. Think about these in the context of how the ways of the world are inverted from the ways of the Lord.

You can read today’s chapter by clicking here.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What appears to the Pharisees main issue with Jesus?
  2. How does Jesus clarify the Sabbath issue? Why did He reference David?
  3. Review verses 9-10 and remember what we explored yesterday in looking at the compassionate heart of Christ. What is most important to Jesus? Does this surprise you when you think about the magnitude of the religious law as well as the ire He drew from those charged to keep it?
  4. The mix of people Jesus chose as His disciples is curious. Do you feel He made some mistakes, or did He make these selections intentionally? Why? Think about a time you were asked to join a team, or had to form one yourself. Does Jesus’ approach give you pause?
  5. Looking at Jesus’ teaching, is He practicing what He is preaching?
  6. Look at verses 29-30. Do you think Jesus’ teaching reinforces bad behavior? If so, what is the Christian to do about it?
  7. What is the point of the speck and the log from verses 41-42?
  8. How does a tree and its fruit help identify a Kingdom person?
  9. What is Jesus asking for in verse 46?
  10. How are we to understand verses 46-49 in light of verses 41-45?

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for your incredible teaching. I confess I can easily get wrapped up in our upside-down world when your way is the only true way to live. Help me to love everyone, even those who wish me ill. Empower me to overcome my tendency to judge others. I long to be known by your love, but I know I need help building my life upon your way. I ask for your help in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the heavenly name of Jesus. Amen.