Luke Chapter 5: Advent

Luke 5 begins with Jesus calling some of His disciples. He did not seek out the elite or well connected, but ordinary people. What becomes extraordinary as you read this chapter is how Jesus wants us to do our ordinary work, but for extraordinary goals. Jesus goes on to model this for His new followers, but also shows His compassion for the afflicted. His opponents would use this compassion against Him, but we also get a story which shows how ordinary people were inspired and motivated to do something extraordinary to help a friend in need. With these stories, we see that Jesus is indeed doing something new.

As you read, pay special attention to the compassion of Jesus in meeting people where they are, but loving them too much to leave them there. Luke gives us another contrast between Jesus and John the Baptist that gives a loving glance into the heart of God.

You can read today’s chapter by clicking here.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What do you think is the significance of the story where Jesus calls Simon and the first batch of disciples??
  2. Why do you think Peter responded to Jesus the way he did both before and after the miraculous catch of fish? Contrast verses 5 and 8.
  3. What does Jesus’ response to the man with the skin disease reveal about Jesus’ heart? Jewish custom taught that someone with such a disease was “unclean” and an outcast from society. What might this mean to your heart and relationship with Jesus?
  4. Jesus’ miracles begin to inspire others to works of compassion. Review verses 17-26. Has anyone gone to such great lengths to you? Are you called to do something so extraordinary for someone else?
  5. Verses 22-26 reveal how different kinds of people were responding to the works of the Lord. Does one category jump out to you over another? If so which one? Why? Is this a challenging or comforting thought?
  6. Look at verses 27-32. What does Jesus’ encounter with the tax collectors say about Jesus? What about the way the elite of the day reacted to what Jesus was doing?
  7. Chapter 5 closes with a contrast between John the Baptist and Jesus. What do you see in the comparison? Put into your own words what Jesus is conveying when He talked about old vs new wine.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for bringing a new spirit to my life. Forgive me for the times I compare you with my own preconceived notions or the actions of another. Help me to have my own unique encounter with you, and to experience the depth of your compassion for me, warts and all. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.