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HOPE AT THE MOVIES // Big Daddy and Baptism

By Mark Jordan | July 14, 2024 |

Big Daddy clip (2019) SCUBA Sam’s Mission Get Cleaned Up and Grow Up Get Dressed in Your New Christ Clothes Reflection Questions

A.S.K. // Matthew 7:7

By Mark Jordan | July 14, 2024 |

I have a simple thought for you on this Sunday morning: be persistent in your life with Christ. Jesus taught in His Sermon on the Mount that we need to actively A.S.K. for God’s guidance. He said we need to Ask God for help, Seek God’s Will, and Knock on God’s door. Will you take…

Sing // Psalm 104:33

By Mark Jordan | July 13, 2024 |

There is a Swedish proverb that states, “Those who wish to sing will always find a song.” As we get ready for worship today, what song are you singing? Will you sing it boldly? Will you sing to God? Will you sing with others? It strikes me when I read our verse for the day…

From Strangers to Siblings // John 3:16

By Mark Jordan | July 12, 2024 |

We finished up our daily VBS dives yesterday, but the kids will still learn the content for day 5, just during worship on Sunday. The key verse is John 3:16, often referred to as the Gospel in a nutshell. The story they will learn is from Acts 16:11-15 and how Lydia came to faith. Lydia…

Live! // John 11:25

By Mark Jordan | July 11, 2024 |

Today is the last day of SCUBA VBS at Hope Church. The theme is Jesus’ death and resurrection. Our key verse comes from earlier in Christ’s ministry as He visited the family of His friend Lazarus who died after being sick. Right after Jesus uttered the word that we see in today’s verse, He asked…

God’s Great Gift // John 14:27

By Mark Jordan | July 10, 2024 |

Jesus wants to give us all great gifts for living in this world. We see in our verse for today that He promised to give us peace of mind and heart. We’d probably rather He give us an easy life, if we’re honest, but that’s not His intent; rather, He wants to help us learn…

Love God and Others // John 13:34

By Mark Jordan | July 9, 2024 |

It’s SCUBA VBS week at Hope Church! Tooday the divers will learn about how God love people and wants us to love others, too. The primary story for today is all about Jonah going to Nineveh. Did you know he did NOT want to go? That’s ultimately how he ended up in the belly of…

Believe and Know // John 6:69

By Mark Jordan | July 8, 2024 |

This week we celebrate SCUBA Vacation Bible School at Hope Church! Today’s verse comes from John 6:69 and the children will learn to believe and know that God is real and sent us Jesus to show us the way back to Him. The primary Bible story for today comes from 1 Kings 18-19, reflecting on…


By Mark Jordan | July 7, 2024 |

You can view the clip from “Lincoln” on YouTube by clicking here. Can we choose to be born? Are we fitted to the times we’re born into? Lincoln on Euclid – The Self Evident Truth Begin with Equality What Does the Lord Require? Reflection Questions

SCUBA // Colossians 3:23

By Mark Jordan | July 7, 2024 |

We are getting ready to kick off SCUBA VBS this week! The overarching theme is “diving into a friendship with God.” I am excited to see what our divers experience under the care of our SCUBA Squad. I’ve been playing around with an acrostic and never quite settled on one. The closest I came was…

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