“To Infinity and Beyond!” // 1 John 4:8

Yesterday we explored putting our time, energy, and money where our mouth is when it comes to loving others. I want to follow-up today with another important verse as it comes to living in love. John wrote that we must earnestly love others because love covers a multitude of sins. How does this strike you? Often — and I have been guilt of this, too — we write off someone who has done us wrong. This is not what God wants. God looks to write-off our sins and restore us as opposed to write-off you and me when we make a mess of things. How different would the world be if we all took such an approach? This reminds me of an exchange between Jesus and Peter when Peter asked how many times he should forgive someone who wronged him. Peter asked if seven times was enough, to which Jesus replied, “not seven times, but seventy-seven times” (Matthew 18:21-22). Jesus wasn’t actually putting a limit on forgiveness, but teaching a lesson. You see, the number seven in the Bible refers to completion and perfection. When Jesus added the multiplier, He was essentially saying we are to forgive completely, perfectly, and infinitely. This is precisely how God deals with us in His amazing grace. May we strive to love similarly, particularly when it pertains to others in our lives…including when they make a mess of things. Yes, love covers a multitude of sins; therefore, may we look at love and forgiveness much like Buzz Lightyear and declare, “To infinity and beyond!” That covers a lot of ground, doesn’t it? Fortunately, it covers a lot of sin, too. To God be the glory!

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App