Dollars and $ense 1 // Developing the Habit of Generosity

Acts 15:11 (MSG) | We are saved because the Master Jesus amazingly and out of sheer generosity moved to save us.

Misers are Miserable (note: same root word)

Why do we struggle with generosity?
– Fear
– Selfishness
– Distractions
– Other?

Developing a habit used to take about 30 days, but now it’s closer to 60 because of distractions.

WHY is Generosity Important?

  1. Generosity Makes us More Like God
    – Psalm 37:21 (NLT) | The godly are generous givers.
    – Biblical emphasis on giving
    • The word believe is used 272 times.
    • The word pray is used 371 times.
    • The word love is used 714 times.
    • The word give is used 2,162 times.
  2. Generosity is a Cure for Selfishness
    – Proverbs 1:18-19 (NLT) | But these people set an ambush for themselves; they are trying to get themselves killed. Such is the fate of all who are greedy for money; it robs them of life.
    Materialism = Trouble, but the Cure = Giving
    – Generosity helps us reverse a perverse worldview
  3. Generosity Deepens Relationships
    – Matthew 6:21 (NCV) | Jesus said, “Your heart will be where your treasure is.”
    – Giving always draws you toward whoever you’re giving to…your heart follows your treasure.
  4. Generosity Stretches your Faith
    – 2 Corinthians 9:13 (Philipps) | Your very giving proves the reality of your faith.
    – Faith is like a muscle…often the best test of our faith is in giving.

Challenge: $23 for ’23: if you give roughly $5 a week, you will give the equivalent of approximately $23 a month. If you are not giving, try this challenge and see how God moves.

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do you approach generosity? Is it a habit or a challenge?
  2. Why do you think the Bible has so many references to giving, particularly in relation to other topics?
  3. Generosity is a key component in relationships with God and others. In which ways? How have you experienced this in the past? What do you need to do to strengthen your faith and deepen your relationships?
  4. How have you experienced blessings as a result of being generous?
  5. How does God use generosity to stretch your faith? Why do you think this is?